What is merino wool?

Merino Wool, a premium fiber obtained from Merino sheep, is renowned for generating the softest and finest wool, making it perfect for sport wear and elegant apparel. 81% of the world's superfine wool is produced by Merino sheep, which are mostly farmed in Australia and flourish under environmentally friendly agricultural conditions. This opulent and adaptable fiber is highly valued for its outstanding performance attributes and superb comfort.

Why we choose merino wool?

Traditional wool provides warmth but is bulky and itchy, while synthetic fabrics are easy to care for but often lead to sweating. Merino wool bridges the gap – it's light, soft, itch-free, naturally odor-resistant, and environmentally friendly.

The Secrets of Merino Wool

Temperature regulation

Merino wool adapts to your body temperature and the environment, keeping you warm in cold weather and cool in the heat.

Odor resistance

Merino wool naturally absorbs odor molecules, keeping you fresh even after extended wear.

Moisture management

Merino fibers efficiently wick moisture away from your skin and release it into the air, keeping you dry and comfortable.


Merino wool is strong and flexible, stretching and recovering without losing its shape, ensuring long-lasting wear.

Can I wear merino wool in summer?

The Answer is YES!

It might seem surprising, but Merino wool is an excellent choice for summer wear. Its ultra-fine, lightweight fibers wick moisture away from your skin and release it into the air, helping to keep you cool and dry in hot weather. The delicate fibers are soft against your skin and have natural odor-resistant properties, ensuring you stay fresh and comfortable all day long.

Does merino wool shrink after washing?

Merino wool retains its size and shape even after washing, thanks to its natural elasticity and resilience.

Our machine-washable Merino wool garments stay soft and maintain their performance characteristics.

For optimal care, simply hang them to dry and store them folded. With its inherent stretch, Merino wool consistently returns to its original shape, providing lasting comfort and fit.

Is merino wool itchy to wear?

Merino wool is exceptionally comfortable due to its fine and soft fibers, which are much smaller and more flexible than traditional wool fibers. This makes them gentle on the skin, avoiding the itchiness often associated with regular wool.

At Fibflx, we use superfine Merino wool carefully selected by experienced growers to ensure maximum softness and comfort.

These high-quality fibers make our Merino wool ideal for garments worn close to the skin, providing a smooth, non-itchy experience while also resisting odors and wicking moisture away.

For best results, follow our care instructions to maintain the luxurious feel of your Merino wool garments. Discover the unparalleled comfort of Merino wool with Fibflx.

FAQs about merino wool care.

What's the best way to wash my merino wool garments?

Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric. If machine washing is necessary, use a delicate cycle with cold water and place the garment in a mesh laundry bag.

Could I dry my merino wool garments?

Lay flat to dry on a clean, dry towel, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. This prevents stretching and preserves the garment's shape.

How should I store my merino wool garments?

Clean before storing. Fold rather than hang to avoid stretching. Store in a cool, dry place, preferably in a breathable garment bag to protect from moths.

Can I use fabric softener?

Avoid using fabric softeners and bleach. Use a mild detergent as per care label instructions to keep the wool in prime condition.

Can I iron my merino wool garments?

Generally does not require ironing. If necessary, use a low heat setting with a cloth between the iron and the fabric.

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