Our Values

Where are FIBFLX clothes produced

FIBFLX clothes are designed in New York and produced in factories around the world, including China. While some may take that as a negative, we consider it an incredible advantage. We visit every factory we work with regularly to ensure our product is quality, that employees are treated fairly, and that the processes in place are on par with standards that we're proud of. We put our product where our mouth is and invite everyone to see the FIBFLX difference.




Where does FIBFLX source materials?

Ours clothes are sourced from materials around the world. This is out of necessity more than a nice thing to say. Our wool comes from Australia, leather comes from different parts of Europe and Asia, silk and cashmere come from their respective origins, and they're all brought together to form a truly unique product mix.

How do FIBFLX acheive affordable luxury

Our approach to affordability is rooted in efficient supply chain management. We collaborate with highly efficient partners that enable us to deliver exceptional value to our customers. Through a combination of direct sourcing, strong relationships with manufacturers, and lean operations, we are able to provide high-quality products at accessible prices.

Our design team sets out to create clothing that meets the need of modern women’s fast-paced lifestyle and inspires women to feel confident about themselves. We do this by creating unique, unfussy, minimal products that speak to our own lifestyle, vision and passion as well as designing pieces that are accessible to everyone.



We design pieces that are durable, wearable, creative yet reasonably priced. In a nutshell, we only make and sell investment pieces.


Conscious & Responsible

We care about the environment, social issues, and our corporate social responsibility.

Fibflx is dedicated to being a company that, with every product it brings to the market, positively impacts our community and the environment.

As seen on our Sustainable Approach Link


Diverse and Dedicated to Empowering Women

Diverse but dedicated team vowing to empower women to become strong societal assets.

We’re a team of focused and critical thinkers coming from distinct backgrounds and bring contrasting ideas and perspectives to the table. 

We take the time to consider the way and occasion our clothes are worn. We’re committed to a future where women can grow and realize their full potential. We are dedicated to facilitating women as equal partners in fostering and strengthening their families, communities and society. Our goal is to empower women to lead a much better lives and become a strong asset to the society.