Oversized Pure Leather Blazer

$469 USD

Calfskin - Superior leather renowned for its fine grain and soft, warm glow.

Minimalistic - A design valuing simplicity, clarity, and functionality, focusing on essential elements while eschewing superfluous details.


Timeless Craftsmanship Leather Meets Modern Design

Embrace a blend of fashion epochs with our Oversized Calfskin Leather Blazer. Epitomizing effortless sophistication, this jacket revamps the quintessential blazer silhouette with a contemporary oversized touch. Made from luxurious calfskin, it boasts a distinct grain that promises tactile richness and a radiant sheen that enhances with age. Striking the right chord between vintage charm and modern-day relaxation, it's the definitive statement piece for the urban woman.

Style #: WWAI447
Care Instructions

Avoid exposing it to oils, acidic, and alkaline substances.
Leather garments are not meant for hand washing.
For general dirt or stains, a leather cleaner or neutral detergent should suffice.
Ensure all detergent is fully rinsed out and refrain from direct sunlight exposure when drying.
Professional leather garment care centers are best suited for maintenance.
To prevent potential damage, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture, and always opt for professional care


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