FIBFLX Black Friday Promotion

Q: Are there any sales or promotions currently available at FIBFLX?

A: Yes, we are excited to announce our exclusive Black Friday Sale, a unique event for our brand. This sale is live on our website,, from November 24, 2023, through November 26, 2023. During this period, customers can enjoy automatic discounts applicable to our entire range of products.

At FIBFLX, we pride ourselves on being a brand committed to offering accessible luxury. Regular discounts are not part of our strategy as we focus on providing true value throughout the year. We believe in maintaining the integrity of our pricing to ensure sustainable business practices and to uphold the quality that our customers expect from us. Our inventory levels are also consistently managed to optimize efficiency, allowing us to deliver high-quality products at reasonable prices.

This year's Black Friday Sale is an exception in our calendar and an opportunity for us to extend our gratitude to our loyal customers for more than 2 years and to welcome new ones into the FIBFLX family. Please be aware,however, that our discount coupons hold no cash value and are not applicable to previous purchases or gift cards. We facilitate returns and exchanges, but these transactions will be processed at the original purchase price. This policy underscores our dedication to fair and sustainable sales practices, ensuring that every customer enjoys the same level of quality and value.

We invite you to take advantage of this limited-time offer to experience the best of what FIBFLX has to offer.

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