More Comfort & Less Waste

Fibflx insists on a design and production process that reinforces our beliefs. We stand for slow fashion and support positive environmental impact.


Treasure From the Cutting Room Floor

Fibflx's winter accessory collection is made with upcycled deadstock fabrics. The leftover yarn from our sweater collection finds a second life as your cashmere beanies and merino wool scarves.

cable knit cashmere beanie hat winter accessory women fibflxcashmere cable knit scarf merino wool women's winter accessory fibflx

This process reduces waste, lifting some pressure off of already over-whelmed landfills. By using scrap fabrics, we also improve efficiency and fabric usage rate, resulting in lower costs. This advantage is ultimately transferred to our customer as lower prices.


Seamless Knitting - Easy On Your Body and the Earth

We designed seamless sweaters with the environment in mind. Specialized WholeGarment machines knit sweaters in a continuous manner and eliminate seams. Since the machine can knit an entire garment from start to finish, it doesn't create any waste or scrap fabric. 

It's also less labour intensive as it doesn't require cutting or sewing. Seam-free sweaters won't have seam defects, making our seamless sweaters collection more durable. Long lasting quality and timeless designs make Fibflx's no seams clothings essential.

Without seams, the clothing is also more comfortable for your body. Fibflx's seamless sweaters stretch and move with your body, without leaving marks. On top of that, our premium merino wool and cashmere adds even more luxe and coziness to your everyday wear.


Small Batch Production - No Sweater Left Behind

At Fibflx, we favour small batch production to mass production. This avoids leftover inventory and in turn reduces cost and waste. Each year, clothing manufacturers create 13 million tons of waste from excess clothing inventory that are out of style. By avoiding fast fashion and wearing each piece of clothing repeatedly, we can all contribute to positive climate change. Read more about our production partners and core values.