Sustainable Approach

Commitments to Our Planet

Selected pieces of our collection are made with RWS certified wool. RWS stands for Responsible Wool Standard, which is a voluntary program which makes sure that the farm ensures the welfare of the sheep and preserves the land they graze on. We also use OEKO-TEX 100 certified materials to make sure our products are not only safe for you, but also for the environment.


As believers of sustainable fashion, we invite you to join us by wearing our clothes on repeat. Buying less but better items does not only declutter your life, but also protect the planet through reduced waste and pollution. Our collection can be dressed up or dressed down, keeping you comfortable and stylish on every occasion. We intend to use environmentally friendly fabrics for our entire collection by 2022. But the mission never stops, and we will continue to progress towards greener and more social conscious solutions.