Fibflx uses only two fabrics for the winter collection, cashmere and merino wool. All natural fibers, ethically sourced and made. Compared to regular wool, which comes from many different breeds of sheep, merino wool comes from merino sheep. Merino sheep graze the highlands of Australia and New Zealand, with temperatures ranging from -20°C to 35°C; so their fleece is an exceptional choice for all temperatures. Merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool, and it is especially versatile and functional due to its amazing natural properties.

The Perfect Base Layer

Merino wool is not irritating or scratchy on our skin, which makes it the perfect fabric to wear as a base layer. Compared to other common fabrics used, such as polyester or nylon, merino wool is the only natural option. It’s also more breathable and moisture wicking, so you can even wear merino wool on your sporting adventures. These properties can add comfort and warmth when you’re sweating, and prevent you from feeling icky. Another amazing characteristic of merino wool is that its odor resistant because it’s anti-bacterial. This means your merino wool thermals will keep you smelling great even when you’re sweating. On top of that, the merino wool fabric is full of small air pockets, this is perfect for maintain your body temperature. So during outdoor sports where you start and stop, like snowboarding, it’ll keep you warm when you slow down, and its breathability makes sure you don’t overheat when you’re sweating. Compared to synthetic materials, merino wool fiber is not as quick drying. But since it’s bacteria resisting, it allows for more wear between washes. Its incredible qualities still make merino wool undershirts (like our seamless turtleneck) the best choice for your base layer, regardless of if you’re lounging or exercising.

Not Just Winters - Stay Cool in Merino Wool

Even though this sounds unbelievable, but merino wool’s benefits also applies to summers. Its fibers are fine, lightweight, and breathable. Merino wool has natural thermo-regulating abilities, it’s like a climate control system just for your body. So during the hotter time of the year, its breathability helps your skin feel cool and breezy. It can also absorb your sweat and moisture, and evaporate them quickly. Merino fiber can absorb up to 35% of its on weight before it starts to feel wet, and its incredible odor-resistance helps you stay fresh. So don’t be afraid to wear your favourite, lightweight merino wool sweater even in summers. (check out our favourite light weight merino wool sweater)

Travelling Light - To Anywhere and Everywhere

Merino wool base layers are light-weight, versatile, and wrinkle resistant. Packing merino wool clothing won’t add much weight to your suitcase, and they can be worn in all conditions. From winter cross-country skiing, where merino base layers (like our turtleneck with thumb holes) will keep you warm and cozy underneath your jacket. To summer mountain hikes, where they’ll help keep you fresh and smelling great. And since merino wool is thermo-regulating, when there’s a sudden temperature change, your sweater will promptly and naturally adjust to help maintain your body temperature. Merino fibers drape and are extremely elastic, so even if you shove them into your backpack, the wrinkles will be gone within half an hour of hanging. We know there’s just no time to launder your clothes on adventures. Merino wool is also static-proof, so it doesn’t collect much dust and lint. On top of its anti-bacterial properties, you can get so many wears before you need a wash. For those perfect temperature places, Merino wool mid layers are versatile and elegant for mild weathers. Meet up with old friends in a casual hoodie or dress up for a night out in our stylish mock neck.


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