Double-sided Leather Boho Bucket Handbag

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Color-block - Contemporary color combinations setting the trend.

Calfskin - Soft, premium leather ensuring both elegance and durability.


European Elegance Woven into Every Stitch: Timeless Style for 2024

This boutique-designed genuine leather bucket bag embodies the essence of European fashion. Crafted from high-quality soft calfskin, it ensures a delicate touch combined with lasting durability. The bag's unique cylindrical shape, paired with meticulous stitching, renders a style that's both vintage and contemporary. In terms of color, options range from classic black, grey melded with reddish-brown, cream combined with red, to dark blue juxtaposed with light blue, each offering a perfect interpretation of the season's trends. The bag's interior features a practical compartment for categorizing and storing daily essentials, while its cotton lining guarantees the safety and comfort of your belongings. A zipper closure provides added security, and its singular shoulder strap, suitable for over-the-shoulder or cross-body wear, epitomizes a blend of casual and fashionable. This leather bucket bag is a must-have fashion item for Spring 2024, shining bright in everyday outings or special occasions.

Style #: WWAI544

One Size

Care Instructions

Gently wipe the surface of the bag with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and impurities. For stains, use a specialized leather cleaner. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Extended exposure to sunlight can dry out and fade the leather. Ensure Proper Ventilation: When storing your leather bag for extended periods, ensure the storage area is well-ventilated to prevent dampness and mold growth. Periodically use specialized leather care products to moisturize and protect the cowhide.


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