Modern Collarless Leather Blazer

$439 USD

Streamlined - Effortless straight-fit design enhancing a slim silhouette.

Minimalistic - A design that emphasizes simplicity with a collarless V-neck and clean lines.


Step into Autumn Elegance with Modern Collarless Blazer

The epitome of modern aesthetics, this leather blazer exudes a sharp, unrestrained style with its distinct V-neck and single-button adornment. Stripping away excess, the collarless design and clean lines give it a confident, generous yet minimalist charm. Perfectly contouring the neck, it adds a touch of sophistication. Its structured straight-fit effortlessly lends a slimming effect, while the natural and smooth shoulder line paired with tailored shoulder pads offers a renewed dimensional silhouette. The right-angle shoulders and minimalist lines further underscore its nod to minimalism.

Style #: WWAI452
Care Instructions

Avoid exposing it to oils, acidic, and alkaline substances.
Leather garments are not meant for hand washing.
For general dirt or stains, a leather cleaner or neutral detergent should suffice.
Ensure all detergent is fully rinsed out and refrain from direct sunlight exposure when drying.
Professional leather garment care centers are best suited for maintenance.
To prevent potential damage, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture, and always opt for professional care


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