Retro Round Golden Clip Earrings with Mother Pearl

$36 USD
One Size
Eco-friendly Copper Plated with 18K Gold/Natural Mother of Pearl



Mother-of-pearl - A naturally iridescent material, derived from the inner shell of certain mollusks, renowned for its timeless elegance and lustrous beauty.

Retro - Timeless vintage appeal embodied in the matte gold twist design.


Timeless Elegance: Matte Gold Twists Meet Mother Pearl

Blending Western flair with Eastern precision craftsmanship, this vintage matte gold twisted mother of pearl clip-on earrings is a testament to unparalleled elegance. Made from the cherished mother of pearl, they radiate a pristine opalescent gleam, harmoniously intertwined with the matte gold's textured twist, exuding sophistication and charisma. Specially crafted for ladies without pierced ears, these earrings are not only visually distinctive but also offer unparalleled comfort, letting you effortlessly flaunt your refined style. Brand new and pristine, every wearer is bound to steal the spotlight.

Style #: WWAI550


Care Instructions

To maintain the luster of your jewelry, avoid contact with chemicals like perfumes and lotions. Store in airtight bags or boxes to prevent oxidation. Clean gently with a soft cloth or mild soap solution, ensuring they're dried thoroughly. Avoid humid environments and remove when swimming or bathing to prevent tarnishing.


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