Vintage Cropped Black Faux Leather Blazer

$89 USD

Stylish - The cropped collarless design offers a contemporary take on the classic leather jacket, providing a unique and fashionable flair.

Lustrous - A rich sheen that elevates the overall aesthetic, giving the jacket a luxurious feel and appearance.


Experience the Excellence: Beyond Just Leather

This cropped black faux leather blazer effortlessly combines practicality with versatile style, allowing wearers to express a unique personality through fashion. Its design accentuates body proportions brilliantly, while the glossy finish adds depth and contrast, embodying a cool, edgy vibe. The granular texture is not only smooth and refined but also offers a clear pattern, delivering a tactile experience that reveals the weight and quality of the garment. Despite its high-quality PU material, the jacket feels incredibly lightweight when worn. It's odorless, ensuring skin-friendliness and comfort. Even when worn in the spring, the jacket remains breathable, preserving its original, pure, and warm luster, highlighting its superior quality.

Style #: WWAI456
Care Instructions

For the best care of your cherished garment, we kindly suggest washing it on a gentle, low-temperature cycle. To preserve its vibrant color, please refrain from mixing it with other colored fabrics during the wash. Afterward, allow it to gracefully air-dry by hanging it in a breezy, cool spot out of direct sunlight. If you find a few creases, a gentle press with a low-heat iron will do the trick.


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