Vintage Pearl Chain Necklace with Gold Pendant

$69 USD
One Size
Faux Pearls + Brass Alloy



Court-style - Reflects the opulence and charm of old European courts;

Gold-pendant - Centrally placed, showcasing intricate portrait details.


Blending Royal Court Glamour with Timeless Elegant Necklace

This necklace seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements, showcasing a dazzling strand of pearls paired with a central gold coin pendant, exuding the opulence of old courtly charm. The pendant's portrait is intricately detailed, echoing the Rococo art style of ancient Europe, making the overall design stand out. When draped around the neck, it pairs perfectly with sweaters and adds a touch of classic allure to any outfit. Designed for ladies who treasure history, art, and elegance, it's not just a piece of jewelry, but a work of art.

Style #: WWAI562


Care Instructions

To maintain the luster of your jewelry, avoid contact with chemicals like perfumes and lotions. Store in airtight bags or boxes to prevent oxidation. Clean gently with a soft cloth or mild soap solution, ensuring they're dried thoroughly. Avoid humid environments and remove when swimming or bathing to prevent tarnishing.


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