Woven Hobo Leather Bag with Purse

$139 USD

Woven-Leather: Showcasing an intricate weave, epitomizing craftsmanship.

Slouchy: Relaxed, laid-back design ideal for a modern aesthetic.


Classic Design, Superior Cowhide: Every Detail, A Testament to Elegance

This handbag flawlessly encapsulates the essence of European and American fashion. Its rectangular design combined with the season's most sought-after monochrome elements offers a high-end, distinctive aesthetic. Crafted from premium cowhide, it assures a supple touch and durability. To elevate the luxury and uniqueness, meticulous stitch details are seamlessly integrated by our designers. Clients can choose from a rich palette: black, olive green, brown, apricot, coffee, and grey; each color harmoniously aligning with the bag's design ethos, ensuring a match for varied tastes. A zip closure ensures practicality and safeguards belongings, while an added pouch compartment within facilitates storage of smaller items. Beyond the high-quality leather, sections of this tote have been reinforced with a premium wear-resistant ultra-dry material, solidifying its high-grade endurance. When in use, customers are advised to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and rough, damp environments to prevent potential leather wrinkling or scratches.

Style #: WWAI540

One Size

Care Instructions

Gently wipe the surface of the bag with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and impurities. For stains, use a specialized leather cleaner. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Extended exposure to sunlight can dry out and fade the leather. Ensure Proper Ventilation: When storing your leather bag for extended periods, ensure the storage area is well-ventilated to prevent dampness and mold growth. Periodically use specialized leather care products to moisturize and protect the cowhide.


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